Friday, 3 June 2011

Samu - Fukushima Exclusion Zone Rescue Pups

Yamakiya in the district of Kawamatu is the latest part of the Fukushima Prefecture to be placed under mandatory radiation evacuation. Like Hirone, Kawauchi, Naraha, Iitate, Futaba, parts of Minani Soma and Iwaki City, all police barricaded, it too is destined to become a radio-active ghost town. In their wake these Japanese ghost towns are leaving animal death camps, with thousands of companion and farm animals trapped and abandoned without food, water or care.

The story of Samu is a small ray of hope in an increasingly desperate situation for both the animals and the owners who have been forced to leave them behind.

Samu is a black and white Spaniel x Labrador, who was also lactating (producing milk). She was handed over to Kinship Animal Rescue (one of the organisations going into the evacuation zones on animal rescue missions) by an evacuee unable to take her to the pet-free evacuation shelters. She believed Samu’s pups had perished.

But once shut safely in her transport kennel, Samu went frantic, desperately trying to escape. Along with her rescuers Samu returned to her home in Kawamatu where the search for her missing puppies began. Whilst they were checking a group of out-sheds Samu without warning but with single-minded determination and driving force of a mother’s instincts she dived straight down and underneath the floor boards. She had heard her pups crying for her but they were trapped and neither Samu nor her human companions could reach them.

Such was their rescuers determination to get the pups out, that no stone was left unturned, and in their efforts to reach the stranded pups, walls were torn down, sheet metal ripped away and plywood unceremoniously kicked in, until finally the floor boards could be hauled up and the first little pup- a female, pulled squirming and wriggling from the wreckage.


Further floor boards had to be ripped up and considerably more effort made before her littermates could also be rescued as they were trapped too far back to reach.

But their efforts were richly rewarded when Samu found herself joyfully reunited with her happily tumbling litter of all four of her missing 3-4 week old pups.

They were taken to a house rented by the JEARS(Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support ) and Kinship Circle, in Inwashiro, Fukushima where they are able to offer temporary shelter and medical care to the animals they are able to rescue.

“KINSHIP CIRCLE, a U.S. nonprofit organization that specializes in animal advocacy and disaster rescue, has been in Japan since March to aid animal victims of the earthquake-tsunami-radiation disaster. The organization is issuing an urgent plea for donations to sustain search-rescue, animal food delivery, and emergency sheltering. Currently based in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and Inuwashiro, Fukushima Prefecture, volunteers drive hundreds of miles daily to reach, rescue and transport animals to safety.


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Heart warming article, Wolfie! Just look at the smile on that girl's face now that she has her pups back!

Sandy's witterings said...

This and indeed your last post make you think about just how we've levered everything else out of the way in this world unless it works out how to live with us.

Good to see an effort for our furry friends in Japan.

Ron Joe 'Geezer' said...

It's good to hear a story with a good ending every once and a while :-)

Arlene said...

I was in pieces reading this, even when all the pups were saved, what a wonderful blog post, it gives me a renewed faith in humankind/ Here's more power to their elbow. Thank you for posting.

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Thank you for visiting Samu and her pups! A mother's love for her babies knows no bounds :) And I'm so glad you all enjoyed Samu's tale and shared in her K9 joy :)

Reformed rebel said...

Great post. I am soooo happy for her and her babies. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story.


Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Thanks Chelle and welcome! It was a story that just had to be told! Thank you for your very welcome visit :)

Eddie Two Hawks said...

I have not read any happy endings to come out of the Japan's nuclear disaster. Indeed to read this story has returned hope for the animals as well as the people affected by this tragedy.
always, Eddie

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Lovely to see you Eddie :) Sadly, having been following Japan's nuclear disaster in some detail on a daily basis, I cannot see any happier endings for Fukushima than Chernobyl. The Japanese government may choose to say different but I am sure they know the harsh truth as well as anyone else. Samu and others have been very fortunate, but there are some harrowing picutres and tales of the fates of those less fortunate that are quite tragic. But we cling onto the hoe that Samu and her pups offer us.... x

Anonymous said...

I am in tears here Zia-Wolf...this is such a touching end to this story. I am given hope in the tiniest ways.
I am trying a different thing, was happy I found you here. smiles, Leyla aka Rx

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Very happy to to be found by you ;) Samu's story is a great message of hope for all who care to hear it, and it is great to find you and others share in this. Lovely to see you here :)

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, that's an amazing story, with a happy ending.

Ann said...

Detta var svårt att läsa, men det fick ett lyckligt slut. Det händer så mycket tragiskt i världen. Detta gav solsken för dagen.
Sköt om dig.

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

@Horst: Always good to find the rainbow after the storm! Great to see you :)

@Ann: Efter mörkret kommer solsken
och den ljusa gryningen:)
Härligt att se dig här, tack för ditt besök Ann
Kram Wolfie :)