Saturday, 14 January 2012

Japanese Women’s “Chernobyl Necklace”

Will Women in Japan Wear the “Chernobyl Necklace”?


On the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in northern Ukraine, site of the worst nuclear accident in history, a former liquidator Natalia Manzurova, a then 35-year-old Russian nuclear engineer assigned to the Chernobyl power plant clean-up crew, flags the radiation exposure risks for women near the Japanese nuclear plant catastrophe.

Manzurova was not fully aware, as with many others, despite her training, of the levels of dangers she was in fact facing. Her first visit to Chernobyl shortly after the disaster, found her surrounded by anti-radiation-suited workers, whilst she was dressed only in a short dress and sandals without any idea what she was actually going into.

On April 26, 1986–25 years ago–Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor No. 4 exploded releasing 400 times more radiation than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In the summer of 1987 Manzurova was involved helping clean up the city of Pripyat, whose 50,000 strong population located less than two miles from the reactor was evacuated after the disaster.

Chernobyl Necklace

She spent 4 ½ years helping bury contaminated houses and conducted experiments on irradiated plants and animals. The radiation exposure’s harmful effects on the liquidators who were effectivly used as guinea pigs in an experiment was monitored and studied by Soviet officials, but the results remained a secret. Neither were they given radiation counters to monitor their own radiation exposure. As a consequence of working in the exclusion zone, Manzurova developed thyroid cancer. She has had operations to remove it leaving her with two scars on her neck  known as the “Chernobyl necklace“.

“The left part of my thyroid gland was removed in 1990 when I was still working in Chernobyl. Less than a year ago the gland was operated on and removed entirely because of tumours in the remaining part.”


Manzurova’s personal suspicions regarding reports filtering through of women in the area being forced to undergo abortions were aroused whilst she was working on a normal assignment to Pripyat:


“Next to the operation theatre in the gynaecology department, we saw a big can that is usually used in villages to carry milk. I opened the lid of this can and saw that there were foetuses that were from about the seventh to eighth months of pregnancy. …

There was a secret order by the government that all the pregnant women inside the 30-kilometre [18.6 mile] exclusion zone were to undergo either a Caesarean operation or were to be induced so that they would give birth prematurely. Only later the question came to my mind: What happened? Were these [foetuses] still alive when they were put into these big cans? It was evident they were forgotten in haste.”

Manzurov, now aged 59 is the only surviving member from a team of 14 that worked in Chernobyl. They all died from radiation-linked cancers and illnesses.


Robert Alvarez, a nuclear expert at the Institute for Policy Studies suggests we are only just beginning to understand radiation damage to humans.

“There’s now growing evidence that radiation can cause widespread damage to the human body because it’s one of the few environmental poisons that can damage your overall immune system.”

12-11-11 Rad Monitoring FukFollowing the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated the north eastern shore of Japan on March 11 fears that Japan, who also made the decision to raise the crisis level to 7 matching the Chernobyl disaster, could be up against the same kind of situation. The Fukushima Daiichi crisis places many Japanese, especially women and children at grave risk.


“Women are twice as sensitive to contracting cancer of the thyroid and breast [from ionizing radiation] than men, and of course, you have the offspring. Exposures during that period [pregnancy] are much more serious than they would be for an adult, and you’re looking at the probability for raising the risk of childhood cancer and things like that.”~ Robert Alvarez, nuclear expert.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

White Wolf Moon

White Wolf Spirit Guides

White Wolf Moon

Against the backdrop of a rising Moon, glinting satellite monitors watching galactic space as intently as a star wolf listens for the call of the moon-song on a cold winter’s night.

A milky Full Moon glow casts a hazy silvered aurora in mystic shadowed magic around the White Moon Star-Wolf. Magic of the Moon-song. White wolf mysteries of the Full Moon Rising over an enchanted nightscape. The song of the Moon wolf echoing eerily into the night sky, casting its sound to the sphere of 1000 stars.

White wolf waits, watching for you from the enchanted forest that is your mindscape, calling to you, unseen, unfelt, but for those for whom wolf is spirit guide, the haunting call of the moon-song will let you know he is there. Bold and space silver. Caller of the star song and the moon dreams, fired by the consuming power of the solar streams and the call of the cosmos.

Magic of the Moonsong

The concept of linking a specific energy or purpose to a particular animal using their colour as a basis is an age-old concept, not the new one that some people perceive it to be.

There are various breeds of wolves within the world’s wolf community, each sharing very similar energies. However individual wolf guides within the pack have their own specific energies which when learned are useful tools when working with “wolf magic”.

  • The White Wolf:

    The white wolf is the phantom, the spiritual wolf, the wolf between worlds, existing simultaneously in both effectively bridging the gap between them. White wolves show us the way, the art needed to build bridges that span the divide between the spiritual and physical worlds that exist in our lives. In doing so the white wolf teaches the art of bringing balance to our lives and helps us to make sense of the meaning and purpose of events and issues that inevitably occur in our daily lives.
  • Brown Wolf:

    Is the medicine wolf, teacher of the ways of health and healing. In order to maintain a healthy balance between the mind/body/spirit we must understand and learn the ways in which we can successfully combine nature’s healing abilities with our existing earthly knowledge of medicine.
  • Grey Wolf:

    Is the hidden one, the shadow hunter, slipping ghostlike through the veiled mists and the swirling fogs, of natural world sight into the mysteries of the spirit realm. The grey wolf is the teacher of spirit connections and communications. How we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides.
  • Red Wolf:

    Is the earth-forest wolf, guardian of earth and nature, hunting amongst the Redwood forests, and all lands of our world, at one with the life-force of the Earth They teach us the great art of communicating both with the natural world around us and the very Earth itself that is home to nature. Red wolves teach us also how to communicate in these spheres on both a physical and spiritual level, for example, in our dreams
  • Black Wolf:

    Our guide and teacher in the physical dimension. The black wolf helps us to bring balance to our physical and material natures, our everyday erotic and sensual and sometimes carnal desires! When we need to focus our minds on such matters, questions and concerns as the disputes of our earthly, worldly existence, black wolf is there to help us to do. Spiritual lessons learned along the way are good for helping us to evolve. They allow us to progress onwards and upwards till we reach the next level of our spirit lives.

These are top level colour categories from which the whole variety of shades in the wolf kingdom flow. These create sub-categories, eg wolves of lighter colouring, would fall into the White Wolf category etc.

Depending on your life circumstances, one particular animal may stand out as the most prominent at any one time. This is because when working on a certain area of your life that animal’s specific energy is the energy you need to help you progress and move forward.

If you marry, your dominant animal also gains a mate. In fact it is likely that your dominant animal will be the first of the two of you to find a mate, and their romantic energy will in turn impact on your energy leading to you attracting a mate of your own.

Wolf-Spirit Guides  White Wolf Moon