Wednesday, 28 March 2012

2012 All Breeds Championship Cat Show Photo-Log


Tails and Paws of the 2012 Championship Cat Show

(Sponsored by Royal Canin and R&L Pet Products)

Your Chance to Meet the Stars of the Show Smile

Purr and Enjoy!

Winking smile


Speckled Foreign Shorthair

Chocolate Burmese

Tortie Tabby and White Maine CooneForeign Shorthair

Red Devon Rex

Tortie Tabby and White Maine Coone

Chocolate Burmese


Overall Best in Show Winner_Black British ShorthairOverview of Show_End of DayBest In Show_Black Silver Shaded_Oriental Longhair

Best in show_Foreign_Black and White Spynx Cat (Hairless Cat)

Long Coat Chocolate Point Siamese




Horst in Edmonton said...

Lots of pampered kitty cats.

Snow White The Survival said...

Wishing u a day soft as silk…..
White as milk…..
Sweet as honey&full of money.
May all ur dreams come true….
Hugs and Kisses..

.·´ ¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·` Snow White..

Night Lady said...

How nice that you visit me on blogspot ..
I have closed my Nicki wordpress for a while I need a break ..
but you can find me here on blogspot
Now, I say ..

Easter is a promise..
God renews to us in each spring..
May the promise of Easter..
fill your heart with peace and joy!
Happy Easter!

Night Lady

Snow White The Survival said...

Its big
Its warm
Its here
It’s a big funny hug
With lots of love
From a heart that beats
Just for you!
Snow White

Night Lady said...

Wishing you a wonderful end to weckan and a nice weekend ..
Greetings Night Lady

Night Lady said...

Hej Ice wolf..
Härligt att du tittar in i alla fall..
Blir så glad att se dig..
Ja jag förstår om det tar tid på blogspot ibland dom är lite krångliga..
Wordpress är lättare men jag behöver en liten paus..
Önskar dig nu en härlig helg kram Nicki

Snow White The Survival said...

Hej Wolfie...
Det gör ingenting om du inte kommer så ofta bara du inte glömmer bort mig...
Ha en härlig vecka min fina vän..
Kram Snow White