Monday, 28 February 2011

Ra Patera!!

Interstellar Light Show!

Io and Ra Patera

Ra Patera – Io

Ra Patera! The plume erupted into the night sky in a volcanic maelstrom of crackling electric blue flares, lighting up the urban skyline bursting across the indigo-black nit sky heading out to the impact crater on The Plains of Io.
An urban Moon wolf started and sat bolt upright, still and alert in an alien night.                                
Urban SkylineSummoning_the_Wolf_Breed
It caught the commanding call of the Alpha, the Great Star-Wolf as it echoed across galactic space, its quality of sound resonating in a haunting array of pitches and tones, boomeranging to the minds of each and every Wolf Breed, The Breed of the Moon, carrying with it the colourful signature notes of their ascendant - the one known as Star of the Celestial Wolf. The new guardian of the Wolf Ways, the Pathfinder, summoning them, all.

Transfixed those who had travelled across worlds, to view, watched the huge explosive volcanic plume, erupt into a maelstrom of transient blue light streaming across space from Io into the skies of Jupiter.
Io's  Firewolves

They gazed in wonder at the vision as luminescent dolphins leapt and played through Io's shimmering moon shadows dancing in the glow-in-the-dark, azure-blue plume that originated from Io’s large shield volcano, a feature known as, Ra Patera. They marvelled at the radiant coastline alive with whistling dolphin song and the mesmerizing, spellbinding song of the stars. The Fire Wolves call to the stars, the sea alight with charged plumes of icy fire. The world in awe.
  Leaping DolphinsJupiter_from_Io_thru_the_plume

Jupiters_moon_IoThe cruise ship slid silently between worlds, a vast tourist in a sea of suns, slipping across jewelled solar systems and through rainbowed ring systems to capture, for  a moment, the beauty of their worlds. Wide eyes watched the moment as infra red rose in auroral bands across the rock strewn world of Io – moon of Jupiter - a wildly exotic world, with a sulphur-covered surface and violently active sulphur volcanoes. A world of lava flows and lava lakes, of huge calderas and mountains many times taller than any seen on Earth.
Connected to Jupiter by a strong electric currentjupiter-io, the orbital position of Io has a notable effect on the Jovian radio emission. In the midst of the colourful and radiant cloud belts, surrounding Jupiter, roiling storms rage, the tumultuous Jovian atmosphere possessing of a chaotic and ever-changing beauty that interacts with swirling hurricanes and wild wind-storm systems.

Space was alive with an interstellar light show that threw an opera of rainbowed lights dancing over the cruiser's external surface shields. Seen from space they were ablaze with a flaming azure glow.
Star struck viewers watched the display in awed bemusement as the Ra Patera plume burst in burning sun-blue lights from the strange multi-coloured surface, surging and tumbling through Io's tenuous atmosphere streaming across space and exploding through Jupiter's own swirling turbulent atmosphere, and the dozens of interacting storm systems before curving out towards Interstellar space.
Eddying and churning, whirling and twisting, blasts of light bent into rotating loops and spirals coiling across the stars in a whirlpool of blinding silver and exotic electric-blue waterfalls. The smouldering, glimmering radiance tingling up the cruisers interior in an unearthly ambient afterglow, a shimmying vortex in the observers eyes, enchanting all on-board.

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Toyin O. said...

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Hi Toyin O :) Lovely to see you here! Thank you for taking the time and interest to stop by and take a look at my blog and to be kind enough to leave a comment. Feel free to stop by anytime you are always very welcome here :)

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Tittar in för att önska dig en fin helg. Kram

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