Sunday, 28 November 2010

Solar Animal Symbolism

Fire Sign Animals

Solar animal symbolism deals with creatures that harmonise with the Sun - also known as Fire Sign animals.
Fire animals can light up your life and provide the kick start to fire whatever you need to set in motion.
  • Blaze a trail
  • Sparkle with confidence
  • Illuminate on your path
  • Be a beacon in leadership
Firewolves of Io
  • Spark of inspiration
  • Stoke the flames of passion.
  • Outshine the competition
Fire symbols and meanings allow you to metaphorically hold and discover the power and passion of the gods. the Sun-fired waves of thought assert themselves blazing within the burning fire of our collective consciousness  filling our minds awe-inspiring concepts of:
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Passion
  • Action
  • Sexuality
  • Creativity
  • Authority
  • Consumption
  • The Untamed
Io's Firewolf
These are just a few of the influential images that burn through our symbolic armoury.
From ancient times to present times, there is no denying fire symbols and their connotations have the power to bring heat and passion to our hearts, provoke our bodies into action, lend speed to the working of our minds, and lift our spirits in a blaze of solar fire!


Ann said...

Hej min vän!
Intressant att läsa om symbolernas betydelse.
Verkligen vackra bilder.
Önskar dig en toppenfin dag. Kram Ann

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Hej! :) :)
Jag drömmer om sol och brand i denna iskall vinter!
Jag undrar vilket är kallare ... Sverige eller Storbritannien?
Tack för ditt mycket välkommen att besöka
och förbli varm och mysig min vän!
Kram Wolfie ;)

Eddie Two Hawks said...

curious blog...and in many ways it does seem that "fire" sparks passion. I certainly want one to 'blaze' a trail for me...
fire signs (in astrology) are active leaders and take the initiative
great pictures with this post.
like the new background...easier to read
enjoy your day dear heart...Eddie

Rocket Man said...

I was a sun worshiping beach bum party animal for many years. Does that count?

Rosemary said...

Great Blog Wolfie and lovely pics

nicki007 said...

Who Am I..
A Step When You Stop..
A Touch When You Are Lost..
A Word When You Are Quiet..
A Smile When You Are Sad..
A Friend Who Would Be There For U Forever..
Nicki / Night Lady

Ann said...

God Jul och Gott Nytt År min kära vän.
Sköt om dig. Kram Ann

nicki007 said...

This Christmas
We hope this Christmas enriches your life..
May each day be happy and bright..
Overflowing with pleasure and love..
May your Christmas be filled with delight..
Nicki with Family