Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Moon-shadows crept across the ice and snow capturing the White-cloud wolf, Moon-dog of Europa in incandescent emission rays, holding her motionless in the extra-terrestrial night. Moon-wolf watching. She stood quiet and dreaming lost in worlds beyond the imagination, distant, faraway, dreaming always dreaming. Moon-Watch wolf, reflecting the icy allure of the Europan home-world.

The sudden dazzling burst of stabbing moon rays jettisoning through star-black sky called to wolf blood and in answer to its compelling life call she raised her head to the cosmos calling the haunting song of the Moon-wolf on a frozen world of ice. Silver-coated Moon-wolf, the caller of the Moon-song. The voice of the stars as the cosmos rolled inexorably onwards looking always forwards never back. Moon-wolf watching.

Full alien moon shining huge against the back drop of ice-blue sky. Glowing male white-cloud wolf treading almost silently apart from the quiet crunch of fresh ice snow breaking under wary Ice-wolf paw. He paused momentarily, Europa’s alpha-male wolf silhouetted against the silvered moon hanging in surreal, splendid virtual reality. He watched her, she-wolf shimmering in the life and vitality contained in the silence of the moon shadows, flaring azure eyes flashing ice cold star power.

She spun in the moon-zone dancing to the beat of the Moon wolves song, time turning in a new dimension in the night-lit show that transcended anything seen in the star-zones, a flickering aurora of multi-coloured dreams on the moon-world’s edge. Moon-watch wolf, silvered white diamond-dancer. Moon-watch wolf alive in the silent beauty of the ice world moon-song. Forever Ice-wolf, forever Moon-watch caller. Moon-watch wolf forever on a frozen world of ice.

Look deep into the eyes of a Moon-wolf, see the beauty of forever echoed in the soul-spirit of the wolf song.

© Zia Wolf-Sun All rights reserved 2010


Rocket Man said...

Well alright, then!

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Hey! You found me!! I was going to track you down today and send an invite but you are already here you clever clever Rocket Man!!! You are my first follower! That is very cool thanks :))))))))

kïrstin☼ said...

and here i am again! my God! the girl already has blogs all over the place! yes, i do. i have three at word press and this one here.
its like having several homes ;)

twodogs said...

Hi WOlfie, Gotchya, and thanks for comment on my blogspot, I'll try and get back and track you on WP but don't hold your breath.

darkravenspigpen said...

Yay! I found you!!!!
A big ole' Samuel J frog sloppy kiss on your wet nose!

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Well butter my butt and call it biscuit! lol ;) Welcome to my blogspot you lovely friends!I am amazed and happy to see you all here ;) What a cool surprise on this wet and windy Sunday afternoon!

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

kirstin...I have blogs all over the place too, but THREE W/P ones?!! Good on ya!
Arlene...love your profile pic lol ;) I have great faith in your tracking abilities...you have Tango!!
SJF...Awwwww! Big slobbery lick on the top of that froggy head ;) lol :)

nicki007 said...

Fin sait Wolfie..
Kanske kommer Night lady hit..
Kram Nicki

Arlene said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrr, I wrote a comment and then they took it away 'cos I hadn't signed in to wordpress, Just to tell you that I just clik on a link and hope it takes me to wheere I want, if it does I leave a comment. I find that blogspot is easier [usually] , Thanks for compliment on my profile pic, but I think it's a bit large so back to the drawing board and see if I can sort it. good 'ere innit?

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Kom över Nicki!
Du kan ha en plats här och WordPress ... ;)
Kanske en för Snow White på här?
Kram Wolfie :)

Calm and collected Arlene...lol..practice makes perfect :) re profile pic...you just can't resist an artistic fiddle around! I can see a daily theme change setting in!

Sherrilynn said...

Hi hon..I love this. I hope I have found you. Am going to follow you..so maybe you can find me..lol I am having alot of trouble here finding friends...The wolf led me here.. ty for all your support and emails...Big Hugs my Dear friend.

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Hi! Yes you found me :) Great to see you...off you find you now! Have a good weekend and May wolf ever walk beside you and grant you rest in his shadow!

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Sherri :) You must be set to private you're not available!! :)

Eddie Two Hawks said...

I am not set to private... not yet. Good morning Zia Wolf-Sun... just recently completed sign-up on Blogger. You will be seeing me all over the place now! Does this please Wolf-Sun?

Zia Wolf-Sun said...

Hey Eddie! Seeing you all over the place pleases Wolf-Sun immensely! Wonderful to see you in the fine world of Blogger too :) Big sunny Wolf-Sun hugs!!